I'll meet you there

my new sunglasses from ALDO!!!
super cute!!!!
and cheap :)

went shopping with my friend Sunday.
seems like my friends they all love my fedora. :p

and we also had dinner with some other friends for celebrating my best friend's birthday!!
Happy Birthday my dear!!You know you deserve a better life!We all love you and care about you!


Hello!My name is Dumpling

Hello everybody!!
My name is Dumpling.
I am a girl who lives in the country...
Am I pretty? :p

ok...now I need to sleep
so!!see you next time
Love you~<3

We had so much fun together

I kind of look like Zorro right? haha :p

So!!!!I went to visit my best friend yen earlier today,
and we had so much fun!!we took lots of pics and laughed and laughed and laughed!
I love to hang out with her cause she really is a sweet person :D

And about this outfit,as you can tell I wore my DIY denim shorts :) and a gold necklace,I bought this necklace a month ago for about $4 and i love it!